About Us

What does RooMe do?

We get suitable roommates to our users.

Now a days, searching for a suitable house for rent at a completely new place is a very much tedious task. And it’s obvious that youngsters who have newly acquired employment in places which are not familiar to them would face problems in this search and after a search, they might not adjust with their roomies. Aside from them, there are many kinds of people who may have some necessities with the kind of roommate they share their home with.

Hence, our Code Gizmos Group, Warangal has come up with this website “RooMe” which would assist the people searching the suitable roommate, tenants and also rooms for rent.

How do we do that?

On our website, we allow people to post their advertisements about their need of room, roommate or a tenant. We take some details about the user and filter the matching results and notify him with those results.

We believe that this not only fills the gap between the people who search for a place to live and the people who want to share their place, but also minimizes the scope of having a trouble that could be faced in the future with the roomies. And the entire tedious task of searching for a place to live is made easy.